Interior Designers Are Artists

The field of interior design is a complex one. We hear professionals refer to it as interior architecture and sometimes as interior decorating as well. The very core involves organized designed and furnishing our living space. However, these seemingly simple decorating touches are much deeper and complex as they aim to create not only a habitable place but a harmonious environment with a certain atmosphere in mind. There is an abundance of things to interior design than it originally meets the eye.

interior designer placing glass vase, mid century living room decor

If we have a look at the historical references and information, it seems interior design reflected artistic and societal elements to the most minute details. It was shaped and molded by the popular styles, art movements, developments in technology and various other segments of life. The more opportunities were created, the more it became fashion, it became a trend. It was emotional and romantic, it represented lifestyles, their social status and left a strong and impactful stamp in time.

Along with different styles evolving, different types of interior design evolved as well. Residential interior designed focused on family oriented décor and limited budget. Except for a few luxurious properties where interior designers could show all the grandeur of their imagination and skill, most of the interior design was markedly practical. On the other hand, commercial interior design offered more opportunities. Hotels are a great example of one of the places where opportunities are endless.

sundried linen, boho home décor, organic beige

Now back to the interior décor of our own living space. You will surely agree that the goal is so much more than buying a pricy sofa or an accent chair with a specific pattern motif. Even though there are countless schools, universities, courses, etc offering exceptional education in the field of design, a lot, and dare I say, majority of interior design is in the innate talent of the designer. As a magician, they set a certain atmosphere and ambience in your home. Before, it was cold and seemed small, but now your living room feels warm and it really represents who you are as a person. Another movement of the magic wand and now you find yourself actually enjoying spending time in your brand new kitchen. Cooking is no longer such a chore.

Going from one room to the next, you are washed over by the perfect mixture of colors and scents, harmonious and beautiful.

interior designer, laptop, desk

You are feeling things that go well beyond something as simple as the choice of your furniture style. Interior designers are artists.