Home Improvement Tips

One of the most important things to consider when tying together the style of your home is to stay consistent with the architecture. Be mindful of the columns, arches, window and door openings, etc. If certain elements of your construction are traditional, and you are trying to achieve a more modern look, inconsistency will not only be visible but it will make both style clash harshly.

Once you have made the necessary changes to bring all the aspects of construction into harmony, you will already see improvement in overall style and appearance of the living space. The next step is to pay attention to space and proportions.


Kitchens are especially space sensitive spaces, as they tend to hold many appliances, shelves, drawers and oversized storage units. The trick here is to split the kitchen area into two smaller spaces making it cozy and welcoming: the cooking area and storage area, or a small breakfast nook and large family table.
White we are still in the kitchen, think about the style and color of your appliances. There are so many options on the market today; so next time you are shopping for a new toaster (which has to be out on the counter and influence your style and color scheme) why not pick a bright color instead of metal/white variety that we are all so bored of.


Moving on to other rooms in the house. Each room you enter can be enhanced and made special by simply adding a bold statement wallpaper. Yes, adding and removing wallpaper can be intensive labor, but just think about the final results you will get to enjoy for years.
It goes without saying that the same way walls can be made a statement element of the room, carpets can be another décor anchor. Just pick a bold and colorful pattern.


As a contrast to impactful décor that wallpapers and carpets offer, small details can enhance your space just as much. You can achieve this by selecting the right fixtures and hardware.
Last but not least, think about how much art can bring warmth, life and new style into your interior décor. Select your favorite colors, theme and artist and enjoy your interiors!