Art Is For A Purpose

Different perspectives give different meaning to our human existence. From the smallest to the most important elements of our lives, we seek reason, meaning and purpose behind each and every event.

An artist, sitting in their studio for several hours or days, and creating a piece of art that is also a piece of themselves, must have a reason pushing them to create and produce something new. This reason gives meaning to the purpose for the artist, as well as everyone who acquires that particular painting, or simply admires the artwork. The same applies to a song, a sculpture, a poem, a play, and any other creation that springs from the imagination of passionate and inspired individuals.

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Frequently, I have seen art as any product or activity produced for a particular audience that involves the expression of thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a creative fashion through a given medium. Applying this philosophy, a song is a piece of art.

Who is all the art made for? It is made for everyone who is seeking that fulfillment in terms of meaning. Sometimes, it can match the feelings and expressions of the artist, and sometimes the viewer can see something completely different. It can speak to them in a way that brings back a memory to mind, or inspires them for their future steps in life.

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It is also made for people who enjoy and appreciate aesthetics and design, and who strive to surround themselves with their ideals of beauty. Art is not only a fine expression of emotions, but it is also a skill that requires designing and understanding aesthetics rules.

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The wonderful thing is that so many artists are different in terms of their personal style that everyone can find exactly what they are looking for and what speaks to them alone.

So, whether it is a special meaning that a work of art has for you, or it is simply a beautiful design of colors that is aesthetically pleasing to your interiors, I am sure you will agree with me that all art is for a purpose.