Art Appreciation

Have you ever been to a gallery or art museum and looked at the artwork displayed, and thought to yourself ‘How is this even called art? I don’t get it.’ Or maybe you said to yourself ‘‘I don’t know why, but I like it.’

Art, like any other field does require the viewer to be knowledgeable about some of the information it represents. In my opinion, it mostly requires interest and introspection so that we can find our own unique meaning in each piece of art we see. A vibrant painting full of movement and colors can be a rewarding experience and bring memories of a traveling adventure to a distant country. On the other hand, a neutral tone artwork with simple lines and minimalist style may evoke feelings of calm and order that you would want to bring into your home.

 woman artist, large floral art painting

Though it is true that all art impressions are personal, the more you know about art and its development, the more you will enjoy looking at different artworks. You will start to see things that you couldn’t see before, and maybe even understand the context and the message a particular artist was sending through their art. 

abstract red art prints

The field of art is a vast one and it can be quite overwhelming. So, you could maybe start reading some information about the history of art. It would be fun to have a look at all the different periods in art history and how distinctive each one is to that particular era. By observing different art movements, you will soon realize which one is closest to you in terms of style and aesthetics. Maybe you enjoy the quick and careless brush strokes of Impressionists, or what captivates your attention are bright colors of Pop Art. Exploring can enrich your understanding of art. Visit your local museums, or try exploring an online museum.

Wouldn’t it be fun next time you discuss art, instead of simply saying that you like or dislike a piece of art, to say things such as ‘The use of color reminds me of the Expressionist style.’ and ‘I love the theme of the artworks, they remind me of Matisse.’